Legal and Financial Support Services has been established in Belfast to provide new solutions to a range of Accountancy and Legal problems in Northern Ireland by combining the experience of it’s two Principals.  The Accountancy and Legal professions cross one another on so many different levels that this ‘multi-discipline approach’ simply made sense!

A client should be able to access Legal advice and Accountancy advice under one roof and not have to engage Legal and Accountancy expertise separately as this can simply add delay and introduce additional cost to the process of problem resolution.

With Legal and Financial Support Services we can provide the client with a complete Legal and Accounting overview.  The areas of service of the practice reflect the specific areas of specialism of the Principals.




Robert Martin is a former practicing solicitor with over twenty five years experience, mostly at partnership level, where he acted as a trouble shooter in a number of small private practices.  Over the years he has been involved in a number of high profile legal actions and managed a busy case load whilst developing strategic partnerships with other professionals both inside and outside the Legal profession.

You are only as good as your last case and twelve months ago I had just finished an action which I thought I would struggle to better.  I took some time out to reappraise the legal market and to write about my experience as a practising solicitor in the context of some of the cases which I was proud to have been involved with over the years.

Over the last number of months I have renewed my old working relationship with Jon and this has culminated in our first fully collaborative business venture – Legal and Financial Support Services Ltd – which draws upon our combined experience of the Legal and Accountancy professions.

Jon Dickinson is a Chartered Accountant and is currently the Managing Partner of Proactive Accounting.  Over the years Jon has been directly involved with over 60 Companies.  He was the Founder and Managing Partner of the Opus Group, a Non-Executive Director in New Horizons Global and Operations Director at Starplan Furniture to name but a few.  Jon has vast experience and extensive knowledge of the business sector across the UK and Ireland.

I have worked with Robert on a consultancy basis for many years and always admired his ability to think of legal solutions ‘outside the box’.  This has very much been my own approach to solving financial problems.  By combining our talents, we will bring a range of Legal and Accounting services to assist the busy Accountant and Legal Professional to work smarter, more productively and ultimately more profitably.