A hidden asset within your Business?

Late payment legislation enables creditors to claim compensation for each invoice paid late for business to business transactions – even if the invoice has been paid in full!

The potential amounts which can be claimed are often very significant, particularly so where there have been a large number of transactions.

Calculating the true value of a ledger can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Some invoices may have been paid within terms and others without, so the creditor or their professional advisors are faced with the prospect of having to work through individual invoices to be able to calculate individual payment dates together with varying interest run periods.

Legal and Financial Support Services have developed a bespoke software programme which can analyse the creditors computerised software package and provide a detailed and accurate report which will show the precise amount that can be claimed using the Late Payment legislation.

This will be of particular interest to creditor’s who have a significant number of transactions with individual debtors and to Insolvency Practitioners seeking to ascertain the true value of an otherwise hidden asset of a failed business.

For further information and to obtain a costs estimate for using this service contact jon@landfsupport.com