We have a ever-increasing number of satisfied clients, only some of whom can publicly acknowledge our assistance in resolving what can only be described as some ‘difficult’ situations with regards to Legal and Accounting/Financial problems.

We appreciate all feedback, positive or negative, as a constant service review can be necessary after the completion of every single ‘not-so-handy’ case, and our client’s input is always welcome.

The information you have shared is so easily understood so thanks for directing it for me. If I am ever lucky enough to be signing any sort of contract for my music I would certainly appreciate your guidance.  – Niamh McGlinchey

In all the years my husband and I were involved in litigation, you had the sharpest, cleverest legal brain of the lot. – Ruth McNeill

When we got Donnell Deeny involved along with a solicitor called Robert Martin, things really started to accelerate. – Quote from ‘Tall Tales – the Official Biography of Horslips